Electronic Cigarettes -The Future Of Smoking

Many celebrities are now using electronic cigarettes as an alternative to smoking tobacco because it provides many advantages that they are not able to get from anywhere else. When you smoke a cigarette, you would have to worry about the harmful effects of tobacco when smoked in large quantities, this is something that you probably want to avoid.

An electronic alternative is a much better choice because you would not be exposed to harmful chemicals that could cause problems in the future. Additionally, this helps to eliminate the need of having to think about exposing the people around you to harmful second hand smoke. Even if you choose to smoke on a daily basis, you should never subject others that do not have the same interest.

However, many people expose their children to second hand smoke as a result of having them within the same location while they choose to light up. This is something that you want to avoid when you are serious about caring for your children or anyone special in your life. If the person does not wish to be subjected to second hand smoke, you may want to look into alternatives that could keep them safe.

When you choose e-cigarettes, you would not have the worry about exposing them to second hand smoke at all. Also, you would have the ability to smoke wherever you choose without having to worry about the limits that have been placed on you by the government.

If you have been smoking for some period of time, you know that it is now more difficult than ever. The list of places that you cannot smoke tobacco is much larger than a list of places where you are allowed to do so. In fact, you are not able to smoke near any government building. Also, you would not be able to light up on a flight, in a movie theater or at a bar.

Since you cannot smoke at any of these places, you will end up living your life with a large amount of anxiety that comes with feeling like you are having withdrawals. When you have e-cigarettes, you do not have to worry about limits in terms of where you can and cannot smoke. Since this technology works with vapor, you have the freedom to determine what you would like to do for yourself. There are many reasons that this technology has become so popular, they have to do with the ability to decide where and where you would like to smoke. Also, this can be very helpful for any person that would like to reduce their consumption of tobacco in order to get ready for quitting in the future.

If you have ever attempted to quit smoking in the past, you know that this is one of the most difficult things you will ever go through. Many smokes have become so used to the tobacco that their body produces cravings on a regular basis. These cravings will often tell the person that they need to smoke in order to feel better. If they fail to answer this call, it is likely that they will become moody and depressed because they are not providing the body with chemicals that it has relied on for such a long period of time. Any person that would like to get this under control would be able to do so.

However, it is important that you do not simply decide to put tobacco down right away. Going cold turkey can be painful, it can also be very difficult on both the mind and the body. However, e-cigarettes would offer a means of being able to ease yourself into the transition of quitting in the future by reducing the amount of tobacco that you consume on a regular basis. When you take a gradual approach, it is much more likely that you will experience success when it comes to stopping this habit that is causing you to suffer. You do not want to think that your battle with smoking will be won in a matter of a few weeks, you should begin to use e-cigarettes as an effective tool for helping you to get the same experience as smoking without the harmful chemicals or restrictions.

A coupon code like the Green Smoke coupon code or V2 cigs coupon would be very helpful for any person that is interested in trying this technology while also saving some money. If you do not know what you would be getting, it is a good idea to look for some savings that can help you to make this an affordable purchase. However, you should not make this decision based on a coupon code alone. In fact, you want to consider how much better you will feel with less chemicals in your body, this technology is well worth the investment.

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Blu Electric Cigs As Opposed To V2 E-Cigarettes

Assessing V2 Electronic Cigs And Also Blu Electronic Cigs Today People that are new to e-cigarettes should try out utilizing mini e-cigs to begin with. The minis look the same as traditional cigarettes with its size, shape and glowing point. Blu Ecigs and also V2 Ecigs are particularly the most popular brand names in electronic cigarettes right this moment. Let's consider them side by side to help you compare their features and choose the best choice for you.

Power Supply

Blu Electric Cigarettes simply makes automatic batteries while V2 E-Cigarettes offers its clients a choice in between automatic and manual. With automated ecigs, you just smoke and go. For manual batteries to activate, a little button must be pressed by the person. However, not a smooth motion, pressing control keys will let people generate more vapor. There are three forms of Blu Electric Cigs batteries: Original, Premium, and Premium 100. Original and Premium Blu power packs can produce about 80 to 100 puffs for every charge. Even though Premium 100 batteries are capable of lasting longer, V2 Electronic Cigs battery packs remains to be better in comparison to them.

Light smokers have the ability to pull around four hours away from a Blu battery, but heavy smokers usually drain it within just a couple of hours. There had been users from Blu Ecigs in earlier times who complained of short life of the battery and waiting one full hour only for their batteries to replenish.

V2 battery packs come in three measurements: short (160+ puffs), standard (200+ puffs), and long (300+ puffs). A V2 electric battery that is fully charged might last around 5 hours for heavy smokers, to a weeks time for infrequent smoking. There had been users which got them 2-3 cartridges before their electric batteries went dried out. Battery packs from V2 will take around 1-2 hours just before they are entirely charged up.

Johnson Creek is the maker of the e-liquid from Blu E-Cigs. Choose from seven delicious tastes such as Magnificent Menthol, Vivid Vanilla, Cherry Crush, Java Jolt, Pina Colada, Peach Schnapps, and Classic Tobacco. Aside from that, there are also various nicotine strengths for people to choose from. The nicotine quantity from a pack of cigarettes are available in the Original and Premium cartridges while the Premium 100 is is equal to that of 1 and a half kit.

Each V2 Electronic Cigarettes cartomizer lasts all around 150-200 puffs, which is equal to 20-30 cigarettes. The corporation is also in charge of selling their e-liquid solutions which is less pricey than others.

Because V2 Electric Cigarettes takes your safety seriously, the organization tests every batch of e-liquid and puts out the results online. People that wants to know the ingredients of their products can also acquire the list on their website.

Disposables and also Starter Kits

Both of those Blu Ecigs and V2 Ecigs offer throw away e-cigarettes. The throw-away e-cigarette from Blu Electronic Cigarettes is good for 400 puffs though that of V2 Electronic Cigarettes can last up to 450.

For people who are serious in changing up e-cigarettes, getting a starter kit with all of the vaping requirements is crucial. V2 E-Cigs gives six types of starter kits – Express, Economy, Standard, Standard Plus, Traveler, and Ultimate – each one of these bundled according to a specific smoking style and spending budget.

The battery models of Blu E-Cigarettes will still only get one core kit available for them. A portable battery charger is incorporated in all of the newbie kits from Blu Electronic Cigs. The Blu Pack is just like that of a flip top box which works as a storage unit and an on the go wall charger for the product.

Just about all starter kits from both brand names carry a 30-day money-back promise. The warrantee from V2 Electric Cigs may last for a lifetime while Blu E-Cigarettes supplies only a year in its warranty.


The associated fee in maintaining a pack of V2 Electronic Cigarettes may retain as low as $1.49 while Blu Ecigs will likely be at $1.92. Whilst the difference is not that big for some, cartridge refilling is going to help folks save much more if they go with V2 Ecigarettes in the long run. At a price of $29.95, people could possibly get a 50ml bottle of e-liquid from V2 E-Cigarettes which can be equal to that of 50 packs of conventional cigarettes!

Nonetheless, V2 E Cigarettes provides the least expensive of entry starter kits at just $24.95. If you wish all new related information on V2 Cigs coupon codes, then you've got to see V2Cigs coupon. The most affordable starter kit from Blu Cigs is $69.95 – not cheap at all. It's best to check into Blu Cigs discount coupon to be able to find more details.


Blu Ecigarettes is great for smokers who are curious about e-cigs. The explanation for this is because they look and function just like a real cigarette without nothing new to discover except for the basic fundamentals. Perhaps their own pack performs just like a flip top box as they are able easily be put inside the pocket of the consumer. Each of the products from Blu Electric Cigs works well with the exclusion of its low overall performance battery.

V2 E-Cigs, on the other hand, is a better choice with its good quality and all around functionality. With a lot of battery options to pick from, flavors as well as discount prices, V2 E Cigs makes for the most suitable choice right now.

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